The Multiple Listing Contract, Real Estate in British Columbia 

Posted on Apr 10, 2021 in SELLERS

The Listing Contract legally defines your arrangement with the brokerage and, in accordance with the Real Estate Rules, it must contain:
The Multiple Listing Contract, Real Estate in British Columbia
  •    your name and the name of the brokerage that you have chosen to work with;
  •    the address of the property you are selling;
  •    the effective date of the agreement;
  •    the date the agreement expires;
  • a general description of ser...

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How do I figure out the best possible price for my Home?

Posted on Apr 05, 2021 in SELLERS

The process of selling a house can be quite overwhelming. Then add to this the pressure of needing to obtain the best possible price to fund your next move. How does a Realtor or Myself determine how much my home is worth?
How do I know the best possible price for my Home? |

Pricing your home correctly can be the single most important factor when you're selling your house. You can also do it yourself...

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Sellers - Your Pre-Listing Preparation 

Posted on Mar 05, 2021 in SELLERS

You have decided to go the next step and have decided to list.
What is next? The Pre- Listing Preparation is next.

This is basically how we decide to market the home to present it in the best possible light to potential buyers.
You sign the Listing forms and we discuss Cleaning, Staging, Photography and all...

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Sellers- Before you sign the Listing Contract

Posted on Mar 03, 2021 in SELLERS

Sellers: Before you sign the listing contract. Ensure that: it has been completed to your satisfaction, and you have a thorough understanding of all of the terms it contains, especially the list price, the commission rate, and the length of the contract.

The real estate professional will provide you with a copy of this contract which you should keep...

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Disclosure : What may Sellers disclose?

Posted on Mar 02, 2021 in SELLERS

The adage still applies: When in doubt, disclose. When selling, make sure you disclose everything. If you don’t, the neighbors will.

Failure to adequately disclose can lead to serious legal issues and potential penalties. 
Historically, buyers did not have a lot of recourse when buying a home, leading to the term “caveat emptor,” meaning “let the buye...

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From "Start to Close" - The Age of Digital Signing in Real Estate 

Posted on Mar 01, 2021 in SELLERS

We all dream of a Post pandemic Era. 
Some people dream of things going back to normal but Real Estate transactions may never go back to normal. 
The Statement "90 % of Home Owners and Buyers begin their search has never been truer than in this Age of the Pandemic.

The following has never been more important to our clients : 

Connecting people: Connectin...

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