Flood Protection Resources to Help Residents Reduce their Basement Flood Risk

The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation offers a number of resources to help residents to reduce their risk of experiencing a basement flood. Additionally, many municipalities and insurance providers offer subsidies or discounts to residents who take actions to reduce their flood risk. Reach out to your municipality or insurance provider for additional information.

Flood Protection Resources

Flood Risk Self-Assessment and Custom Report

Home Flood Protection Check-Up

Flood Protection Tips 

Flood Protection Best Practices

Do-it-yourself Checklists

Resource Links

Instructional Videos

Flood Protection Subsidies/Grants

Available Canadian Flood Protection Subsidies/Grants

Reducing Mould Risk

Mould Risk Reduction Best Practices

Understanding Water Damage Insurance Coverages

Resource Links

Emergency Preparedness 

Resource Links

Social Media Campaigns

Flood Protection Assessment Reference Materials