Homes for Dogs - Somebody to Love

A Home with Somebody to Love
The physical and emotional shelter that home provides is one of the single greatest investments anyone can make, and adopting a dog into it. makes it even more valuable.

Find out how you can help find homes for adoptable dogs through the Coldwell Banker Homes for Dogs Project at
Whether love is represented by family, friends, passion or even a furry friend, we hope your home is filled with “Somebody to Love.”

Coldwell Banker and renew a partnership to help find homes for adoptable dogs.
 A home is more than just the walls and the roof that surround us, it is about the people, pets and love that fill every square inch of it. 
At Coldwell Banker, our calling is to help people find a place to call home, and if love is what makes a house a home, we wanted our campaign to highlight how even the smallest of things can fill it with love.

This year our campaign was created to remind everyone that home is the place where love resides, and those looking to add more love into their lives need only look at adding a small addition to it – a four-legged one. 

For the past two years, we have worked with to help find homes for more than 20,000 adoptable dogs.

A dog’s unconditional love, eternal forgiveness and innate ability to help you melt the day’s stress away is what can turn any day, regardless of its troubles, into a joyful occasion upon entering that front door.

With 2015’s ‘Home’s Best Friend’ – we shed light on the love that waits for us inside while we go about our day outside of home.

With our latest spot ‘Somebody to Love‘ – we shift to a singular story about a lonely man and dog who both need love.Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of ‘Somebody to Love’ and some interviews with key creatives who played a part in crafting our newest commercial.
A look behind the scenes.